Our OpenData Journey
Your OpenData Administrator: Tim Campbell
Tim started in April 2018 as the first full-time member of the OpenData team. As manager of the OpenData program, Tim has worked to improve the City's internal use of data and expand data sharing, including with the OpenBook Evolution and work on a Capital Projects public visualization tool.
Please contact Tim at TiCampbell@fcgov.com or 970-231-6379 with any questions.

Open City, Open Data

Welcome to the City of Fort Collins Open Data portal. Starting in early 2017 the City launched its Open City initiative by providing basic datasets to the community. The Open City initiative is the latest step in this transparency journey.
Here you can trace the path the City has taken to enagage and empower citizens through information and data. Take some time to explore the journey, and let us know what else you would like to see.

GIS Data

Everyone loves a good map! 
Fort Collins, like many other cities, recognizes the advantages of incorporating GIS into business processes and decision-making.  Investments in GIS at the City have generated a significant library of data.  
Since the inception of the GIS program, the City has held fast to the value that this data should be freely available to the public.

Electronic Document Management

In the late 1990's Fort Collins began compiling datasets internally and realized what a value it could be to citizens.
In the mid-2000's the City created a greater opportunities to open up the business of government to our citizens.  Soon after implementing electronic document management, the City created CityDocs where datasets were aggregated and made searchable as demonstrated by the Registry Ridge example to the left.
These datasets have since expanded to include: Building Permit Inquires, Email Transparency, Municipal Code and Charter, Council meetings and agendas, Land Use Code, Maps, Open Book, Public Notices, traffic code and traffic accident reports.

Additional Transparency Efforts

As our transparency journey continued citizens and the City identified additional information of value and interest to share. In 2009 all the City finances were published in OpenBook providing residents with easy access to the City's checkbook and employee salaries. In 2015 efforts were made to provide public access to all City Council emails through the email transparency project. The Community Dashboard, a quarterly snapshot of the community’s progress in attaining key outcomes reinforces the City of Fort Collins’ commitment to accountability and transparency.

Community Dashboard




In 2016, the City laid the foundation for the next step in the transparency journey by initiating OpenData.

In 2017, Mayor Wade Troxell read a proclamation demonstrating the ongoing commitment to transparency and the proclamation was later followed up by the adoption of an open data policy (click here to view the policy).
As with any worthy journey there is no finish line only endless horizons. We hope you will join us in exploring and utilizing OpenData to improve your community.

OpenBook Evolution

In August 2018, the new OpenBook platform was released, encompassing the same data as the legacy OpenBook, but using modern technologies to create a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface. Feel free to click anywhere in the graphic below to explore the City of Fort Collins expenditures.
Since the launch of the OpenBook Evolution, we've been using usage data to expand data on the site. Take a look at the weekly usage data - you can filter the chart by specific data asset IDs and by the start date of the weekly data.

OpenData usage

We've been using site usage data to help release data that interests you. Check out site usage below - you can filter the chart by specific data asset IDs and by the start date of the weekly data.

OpenData assets

We're constantly working to expand the number of public data assets on the Portal. Below is a breakdown of the types and quantity of data available since we started keeping records in April 2018.
We also want to track the usability of the data - please contact the Open Data Administrator or use the 'Contact Dataset Owner' button on any asset page to let us know if there are additions that would make existing data more useful and what other data you'd like to see.

OpenData Variety

Our goal is to release data that are useful to internal and community users, but we also want to track the variety of data on the Portal. This way, we can look at which portions of data users may be under-served, even if we haven't heard from them.