Support Fort Collins Business during COVID-19

Our small businesses need us now more than ever. And you can #DoYourPartCO. Many businesses have adapted and are still open for business, offering online gift cards, delivery, take-out, and other specials. Support your favorite businesses today: search for a business or visit the map below.

The intention of this map is for community members to help fulfill business' specific requests. The City discourages the solicitation of products or services on this platform - please be respectful of the businesses that choose to participate.
We need your help to expand this information! Anyone can submit a business - not just business owners. Fill out this form for quick submission or email to contact us.

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Locations are color-coded by Type - expand the legend in the bottom right to see all available colors. The 'Filters' bar in the top right allows filtering by Type (e.g Restaurant, Brewery, or Temporarily Closed). There is no filter by default (meaning that all included businesses are shown, even if they are temporarily closed). The 'Search By...' links above will open pages to search by Product Options, Availability, and Business Name.

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Click any header to sort ascending or descending. The 'Filters' tab in the top right has some preset filter - you can choose only rows where 'Delivery' is true; 'Take-out' is true; or create your own filter.